10 Signs you are not getting promotion You Were Hoping For

Here we have told about several sign which will speculate that the people won’t get promoted as they hoped for. There can be infinite circumstances and uncountable signs. Top 10 of those, which clearly show the herald of not getting promoted, are discussed in this article.

Top ten signs you’re not getting promotion you were hoping for

There you go with the top 10 signs:

1- Company benefits

The dispatch boy and even the tea lady are getting comparatively more company benefits than you. It seems that you haven’t got that attention and you are considered even less privileged and non-important than these workers.

 getting promotion

2- Confirmation

One probable sign can be the time span you have been working for. For example if you had been working for lets say three years, you still haven’t got confirmed yet. This clearly means that, there are seldom chances of getting promoted. Because you have spent such a time and not even got a single benefit regarding promotion, there aren’t any in the future as well.

3- Non-seriousness of the boss

One of these sign can be the non-seriousness of your boss towards you. You can confirm it by simply asking him about your promotion.

If he laughs non-sensibly, and doesn’t even bother to listen whatever you have been asking for, there are no chances that he is going to promote you.

4- Refuse chamber

For most of the time, if your parking place was moved right next to the refuse chamber, it is a sign of not getting promoted.

5- Resuming after long break

If you had gone on a break for some time and you resume your work. The day you join the office again, and confront your boss, he is found that he has forgotten you name. This is another sign that you had not be an important worker for him. He took you as a trivial employ.

6- T.B.A

If you work in any of the company for about two years, and your position is still shown in T.B.A that means that no chances of promotion are expected.


7- Worker in a family day

If your company plans for a family day, and all the families of the employees of your work place come there but you are made to carry the water bottles and stuff for everybody there. You are ignorant. You can’t be promoted.

8- You asked to interview fresh graduate candidate

The most discouraging situation comes when you are asked for an interview. The person is fresh graduate and is applicant of your post. It seems that you have not been considered as a worthy employee and thus a new candidate is about to take your post.

9- Prestige and money

If your friends are working with you at high status companies and are being paid handsome and reasonable salaries, you ultimately envy them. It is because they are having the same qualification as that of you but they are perhaps promoted and you aren’t yet.

10- New CEO

Sometimes the company is taken over by the new CEO and his administration. They can’t then wait to cut cost and retrench the workers. In such cases, it is quite certain that you are not getting to be promoted.  Sometimes, it is also expected that you are going to lose your job.

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